You can help


I can use your help spreading the word and helping create a better world.

So, my friends, if you buy a copy of this book and like what you read, please let others know.

  • Talk to others about the book and what you’ve learned from it
  • Recommend the book to friends and family
  • Heck, give copies of the book as a gift to friends, colleagues, and family
  • Write a positive review on
  • Ask your local bookstore to carry it
  • Ask your library to purchase a copy
  • And, if you write a blog, please blog about it!

Thanks in advance.



4 Responses to You can help

  1. Ahmet says:

    New Follower (: I like how you came up with your name, nice, smplie and cute, and I agree much better than a super long name.Follow Me Here:

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thought you would want to know that my new blog went live today. You can check it out by logging on to

    More to come. I’ll post the link on the website soon.


  3. Walt Morrell says:

    Hi Dan – You and I once had a discussion on the pros and cons of working 7 days a week. Are you still a workaholic or have you seen the wisdom of resting one day a week? I’ll have to read your book and see what you say on this topic.


  4. admin says:

    Hi Walt, I am now down to 6 days a week…Am forcing myself to take some time off. Trouble is, my work is so much fun it’s hard to call it work. I love what I’m doing…How are you doing? Dan