Why I Wrote this Book

Dan ChirasDespite great professional success, my personal life has been a living hell. My troubles began early, as many do, “thanks” to a verbally abusive mother and a stern, disapproving, and distant father both of whose disdain troubled me most of my life. As an adult, my anger raged out of control, but through therapy, reflection, and reading, I’ve successfully conquered this demon. I also suffered from deep depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, and have conquered them as well.

In short, I’ve lived through hell and emerged whole, happy, content, and at peace. I’ve achieved my wildest dreams. I am writing this book as an inspiration to others who suffer tremendously. I wanted to share the lessons that have taken me a lifetime to learn to help others create the lives they truly deserve.

I’ve been blessed with a fervent didactic impulse my entire life. Put more plainly, I was born a teacher and have spent a lifetime sharing what I’ve learned and discovered. This book is no exception. It does not deal with renewable energy or green building or any
other aspect of creating sustainable society other than one of the most important, the human element. It’s about personal sustainability – how we sustain ourselves in these trying times. But sustain doesn’t imply simply enduring or getting by. Rather, it implies thriving. Living life to the fullest, despite the turmoil and tension around us.

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